Using Medical Cannabis

Cannabis Edibles are food/drink products infused with cannabinoids (CBD and THC)



Most edibles sold on the market today contain large amounts of THC (psychotropic “High” or the “stoned” feeling) or CBD producing ranged effects depending on the person who consumes the product. The average onset time for any consumed edible spans from 30 minutes to 2 hours while the effects of the edible could last from 4 hours to 12 hours. These times can vary depending on the Patient’s metabolism, weight, activity level, dosage (average dosage: 10mg to 25mg per serving) and which ingredients where used during the edible’s production. (The 3 main ingredients for edible infusion: Cannabutter, concentrates and oils.)


Overall, Infused Edibles on today’s market can be divided into 3 types: Gastrointestinal, Oral and Hybrid.


Any type of Edible that is absorbed through the stomach will fall into the “Gastrointestinal” grouping. Edibles such as Brownies, Cookies, Chocolate, Chewy Candy, Ice Cream, Drinks and other types to snacks would be listed under this type of consumable. It’s worth mentioning these edibles take noticeably longer to take affect within the body but the upside to this “wait” is the effect of the edible is reported lasting up to 8 hours on average.



Tinctures, Hard candy and other edibles you would have to suck on fall into the “Oral” group. Onset affect shown to be instant but the effect of the edible is noticeably shorter then other types (in the range of 2 to 3 hours).



Hybrid Edibles are those where absorption is both orally and through the stomach are in this group. Common Hybrids sold are Drinks, Chocolates, Ice Cream, etc. Since Hybrids are the common ground of sorts: it’s also fair to say affective onset and effective time is also in the middle. Usually within 30 minutes to a reported 5 hours on average.


Dosing Recommendations:

When choosing an Edible, it’s important to look at the Potency of the product for the very simple reason that today’s market of the Edibles are designed to be consumed in multiple sittings. The average starting dosage is 10-15mg of cannabinoids for first time use. Keep this in mind when speaking to a medical professional when determining dosage of ANY edible. Everyone will react differently to the THC and/or CBD of the product.


Prior to purchasing Infused Products – check the packaging for quality ingredients, recommended dosages listing and if the product is Lab tested. Please don’t hesitate to ask one of our Budtenders for information and recommendations over any product we carry – It’s our job!



Pro Tips:

Whether you’re experienced user or new to Edibles – here are some tips:

  • You can’t Overdose and you will come down from the effects; But taking too much in one sitting can lead can lead to bad times.
  • Edibles will affect everyone differently. The affects will vary depending on multiple factors: dosage, metabolism, weight, activity level, fitness to name a few.
  • Ask questions and research prior to using Edibles specially if its going to be your frist experence with them.
  • Be Patient, safe and have a great time!
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