Using Medical Cannabis

Cannabis Extracts/Concentrates is another popular method of smoking Medical Cannabis. This method uses the Oil that is extracted from the Cannabis plant.



Cannabis Concentrates often referred in the form of “Extracts”. It consist of oil that’s extracted from the cannabis flower through an extraction process with solvents (Butane being the common solvent used), dry ice, water, alcohol, pressure, CO2 exposure or just by grinding up some bud. The following paragraphs breakdown popular extracts on the market.



The easiest and most popular to make. The process is simple – Grind up some bud. Kief is made by separating trichomes that cost the dried cannabis bud using a grinder and some elbow grease. Grinding the dried flower produces a superfine powder that resembles Confectioner’s sugar similar to the color of US Army Green. With this powder, Kief is used to infuse foods and drinks. Or others prefer to smoke Kief in their smoking accessory of choice. By exposing the Kief powder to heat, this activates the high psychoactive components which the patient can inhale. The THC content can range anywhere from 20 to 60 percent.



The oldest cannabis extract known to date. Hash can be created using several different methods – the most common is to use ice water to separate the trichomes from the dried flower. Then the extract is dried and compressed and ready for use. Hash is known not to be has potent as other extracts, but in its simplicity in the all-natural extraction process used to create it, Hash solidified its place as a mainstay in the cannabis world.


BHO (Butane Hash Oil):

BHO is an extremely potent form of Cannabis extract used in dabbing or other vaporized methods. BHO is sold in multiple forms:

Oil:: A viscous liquid. The loosest variant of BHO and can be difficult to handle. Wax: An extract that has a tacky consistency like stick tack. Easy to use but has a shorter shelf life and less potent than “Shatter”.

Shatter: TA hard Extract that looks like Amber/Honey-colored glass. Longer shelf life and more potent then Wax. Sap: Extract similar to Shatter in color and effect. Only slightly thicker and stretchy than oil and difficult to handle.

Crumble:A dry, crumbly extract also called “honeycomb”. Crumble is oil that agitated to the point to crystallization. During this process the oil loses its translucent color.

Budder:A BHO Extract that’s “Whipped”. During the Extraction process, agitation was introduced to activate to “Whipped” consistency. Patients have compared Budder to other foods with a spreadable consistency like Peanut Butter.

Live Resin/Sugar:The extraction process uses whole live Cannabis flowers that are Fresh-frozen instead of cured plants. This process preserves THC and Terpenes that are normally removed during the curing process. Meaning Live Resin give a greater flavor and aroma profile compared to its dried cannabis BHO derived counterparts making it one of the most expensive form of extract in the BHO family.

Pull and Snap:This extract has the same consistency of Taffy Candy. It can be molded or snapped apart into whatever shape needed prior to consuming it. Making Pull and Snap a very versatile extract.


CO2 oil:

Created through the process of “Supercritical Fluid Extraction”. (The process reduces Cannabis to it essential compounds) By the use of pressure and Carbon Dioxide, CO2 oil is the purest oil on the Market that leaves more Terpenes and Cannabinoids intact. Giving the CO2 Oil a greater potency and flavor profile perfect for Vape pens.

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