Cannabis Flower Differences

Strain Types:

There are two types of cannabis flowers: Indica and Sativa. Both flowers have their own medical properties with ranging benefits. There are also “Hybrid” strains which are the result of crossbreeding different Indica and Sativa plants to get the desired traits of each parent.


Indica: Overview

The Indica strain was discovered by French Naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamark in 1785. He first published a description of this newly discovered species in India. (Hence the prefix “Indi” in the name “Indica”). Lamark describes the strain dark green/blueish purple in color with smaller, fatter leaves. These leaves are arranged in short, wide blades. The plant itself tends to grow denser than its Sativa cousin, weighing more due to Indica’s solid growth. It’s accepted that Indica originated in the areas near Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Morocco. Or possibly even from the Asian subcontinent near Tibet, where they thrived in the freezing winters and hot summers. These fluctuating climates give Indica Strains their known Blue/Purple hues found on their leaves.



The common effects Indica/Indica-Dominant strains produce:

    • Tends to be more sedating than their Sativa Counterpart. This is where the term “Couch Lock” is derived from.
    • Patients experience a body high not a mental high. Sensations feel enhanced: sound, touch and taste.
    • Indica has the effect of feeling happy, sedated, euphoric, hungry and sleepy. Also referred to as a “Night Cap” Bud.


Medical uses:

Indica/Indica-Dominant Strains can be used to aid the treatment of:

    • Anxiety
    • Chronic Pain
    • Various Sleep Disorders
    • Loss of Appetite
    • Seizures
    • Headaches/Migraines
    • PTSD Symptoms
    • Multiple Sclerosis



Indica buds are smaller and denser resulting in a “fuller” heavier bud to the touch. These buds tend to have a noticeable “Blueish/Purple” hue due to growing in cooler climates.


Indicas feature the following aromas:

    • Earthy
    • Pine
    • Skunky
    • Sweet/Fruity
    • Musky
    • Diesel fuel


Common Pure Strains of Indica:

Some of the best common strains of Pure Indica:

    • Hindu Kush
    • OG Kush
    • Northern Lights
    • G-13
    • Grape Ape




Sativa: Overview

Sativa generally originate in the equatorial regions – Thailand, southern India, Jamaica, Mexico to list a few. Buds grow noticeably larger than Indica in deep red/orange hues, running along the length of a branch instead of clustering around the nodes. This is possible due to the amount of daylight hours the plant is exposed to while growing is also the reason that Sativa is difficult to cultivate indoors. Sativa will usually weigh less than Indica when dry, due to their lower density and you’ll often see Sativa cross-bred with Indica strains to hasten their cultivation time and reduce the plant’s height growth. This strain of Cannabis is grown for industrial purposes because of its high versatility. The seeds are used to make hempseed oil which could be used for cooking, lamps, lacquers and paints. The stem is processed to create hemp in “rope” form, paper, and clothing. It’s proven that hemp is stronger and longer lasting than cotton in common textiles



The common effects that are reported from Patients that use Sativa/Sativa-Dominant strains:

    • Feelings of uplifting, energetic, creative, psychedelic, euphoric, spacey.
    • More of a “Cerebral” high then a body high. Great for tasks that require a prolonged mental bandwidth.
    • Tends to be more energizing than their Indica Counterpart. This is where the term “Wake and Bake” is derived from.
    • Mental high that is associated to Sativa can be a bit overwhelming for some Patients with Anxiety disorders.


Medical uses:

The common reports of temporary relief patients notice when using Sativa/Sativa-Dominant Strains:

    • ncreased Focus
    • Treating ADD/ADHD
    • Depression/Mood Disorders
    • Fatigue
    • Seizures
    • Chemo-induced nausea
    • Mild Pain



Sativa buds look larger and longer then their Indica cousin, but that doesn’t mean they’re as dense. In fact, Sativa buds are looser and feel lighter. Often resembling a loose collection of “fluffy” hairs, these buds have deep red/oranges hues due to growing in warmer climates unlike Indica.



Sativas are lighter in color and exhibit aromas of:

    • Tangy
    • Sweet
    • Tropical
    • Fresh Cut Grass


Common Pure Strains of Sativa:

Some of the best common strains of Pure Indica:

    • Malawi Gold
    • Sour Diesel
    • Maui Waui
    • Green Crack
    • Jack the Ripper